EAEA gets a Grundtvig Assistant

Wed 04 Sep 2013 01:06:00 PM EEST

Thor Rutgersson, 30, started as a Grundtvig Assistant at EAEA in the end of August. He will develop EAEA´s Younger Staff Network further.

During the assistantship, Thor expects to gain deeper knowledge about the European level of adult education. Grundtvig Assistantship is funded by the European Commission.

"I hope to learn many new things, meet exciting people and face some exciting challenges that could potentially develop my way of thinking about adult education."

Thor comes from Sweden and believes that the Nordic view on non-formal adult education could be interesting for European colleagues and vice versa.

"I want to learn more about the European level of adult education and I am very interested in educational activities in other countries. The Swedish organisations that I represent can benefit from new perspectives I gain here in Brussels. It is about the exchange of ideas and thoughts - but also about what we can build together!"

Special attention for the Younger Staff Network

Thor´s duties will include various tasks at the EAEA secretariat. Developing the Younger Staff Network will be one of his key responsibilities.

"I will give some extra love and care to the Younger Staff Network as it is set to grow and develop in the coming years."

In addition, Thor will combine duties linked to Younger Staff Network with specific tasks from the Swedish organisations. His aim is to link things in Sweden with topics and undertakings at the European level.

Music, writing and video games

Thor likes to spend his free time with music and literature.

"Many years ago I thought I would make a living as a musician - or maybe I thought I would become a rock star! Now it is more of a hobby and I get together with a few friends a couple of times every year to record some songs and have a laugh. I also enjoy all kinds of writing, especially fiction and poetry."

He has his nerdy side as well.

"My third hobby is videogames! I even have a blog where I write only about things linked to the Nintendo game consoles. I guess I am a bit of a nerd; I also collect American comics and sci-fi TV-series."

Thor Rutgersson

  • Has worked in folkbildning, the Swedish non-formal and voluntary educational sector, consisting of folk high schools and study associations, since 2005;
  • Has spent a lot of time writing and editing books and reports dealing with new target groups and challenges for the study associations;
  • Current position at the Swedish Adult Education Association.

Text: Aura Vuorenrinne