Farewell to a long-term EAEA colleague

Mon 16 Nov 2015 11:42:00 AM EET

After working at EAEA for over 14 years, Valentina Chanina leaves the position of Office Manager. During such an extensive period of time she made a great contribution to the development of the organisation by running the daily business of the office, taking care of all administrative and financial issues, collaborating with the staff, with members and partners and attending numerous conferences and events, promoting adult education and lifelong learning.

"Of course, I’ve got mixed feelings. But when looking back one thing becomes certain: I’m happy and proud of what the EAEA team and members have reached together!" Valentina Chanina says.

Ms. Chanina says that the main change she saw along the years was the growth of the secretariat in Brussels.
"We managed to grow into a relatively big team though at first there were only two of us. I had quite a different educational background with a major in medicine, which was quite a challenge at first... In 2003 we had a dream to have a bigger office, more team members and lots of activities. I do believe we managed to reach that goal."

New challenges in the field of vocational education

Ms. Chanina is very grateful both to her current and former EAEA colleagues as they taught her a lot:
"Working in the sphere of adult education made myself become adult as well, I grew up, learnt a lot and gained a precious life experience that would shape my professional life in future."

The staff of EAEA Secretariat in summer 2015: Trainee Felix Meyer, Membership and Events Officer Raffaela Kihrer, Policy Officer Tania Berman, Office Manager Valentina Chanina, Project Officer Francesca Operti and Secretary General Gina Ebner.

Ms. Chanina will continue in the field of education as she will start as an Office Manager at European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (EfVET).

"On leaving I would like to say 'a big thank you' to all the EAEA staff, board and members. I wish all of you to keep going, develop and follow your dreams!"

EAEA wishes Valentina success with her new duties and is grateful for her enormous contribution during the past years. The responsibilities of EAEA Office Manager will be taken up by the current EAEA Membership and Events Officer, Raffaela Kihrer.

Text: Inna Kravchonok
Photos: Peter Vuorenrinne, EAEA