Grundtvig is Out, Erasmus is In

Mon 28 Nov 2011 04:10:00 PM EET

Last week the Euroepan Commision unveiled its suggestions for the next programme period (2014-2020). The good news is, more money is suggested for learning. The (potentially) bad news is, there will be no Grundtvig Programme.

The new EU programme to replace our current "Lifelong Learning Programme, LLP" bears the somewhat cryptical title "Erasmus for all". Looking at success stories, the Commission wants to associate the next programme period with something it considers a success. Linguistic discussions aside there are voices of concern raised in the adult education community as to the proposed new programme. EAEA is currently preparing its statement and reactions to the new proposal. In general the proposed increase in budget is seen as very positive, whereas the abolition of Grundtvig is a step in the wrong direction. The "Erasmus for all" would bring together all the current EU and international schemes for education, training, youth and sport, replacing seven existing programmes with one from 2014 onwards. The new programme for education, training and youth would allocate €19.5 billion (+ 70%) over seven years. The proposal is now under discussion by the Council (27 Member States) and the European Parliament who will take the final decision.