Hattrick: Football-Learning-Integration

Tue 05 Jul 2011 02:41:00 PM EEST

What makes a good team, what makes a bad team? What is my style of leadership? How can I increase motivation towards the players? Ever heard of Bafa´ Ball? Ever thought about how a wooden man can be connected to team work or football?

At the beginning of the Hattrick trainings some football coaches and players might have asked these questions. During the last three months football teams in seven partner countries (AT, DE, IT, FR, NL, BG, UK) have been busy in collecting first experiences with the Hattrick qualification programme. In addition to their regular training young players and their coaches worked on topics like teamwork, fair play, self-management and motivation - always taking the football approach into consideration but also learning how all these topics are linked to their professional life.

During the HATTRICK piloting the project partners in the seven partner countries practiced with different kind of football teams. Most partners cooperated with regional football clubs (NL, AT, DE, BG, FR). The project partner in Italy, CESIE, involved social work in the piloting and conducted the Hattrick testing with an informal intercultural team. The English partners, Doncaster College, did the Hattrick pilot with "NEETS" (Not in Education, Employment or Training) staff and students.

The first step in the Hattrick training was the course for football coaches, providing them the necessary understanding and skills to deliver the Hattrick Football training to their players. Apart from this it was the main rationale of the coach course to raise awareness among the coaches, how they define their role and how they can support their players in the personal development. It was also important to use the expertise from the Football Coaches to test and to improve the HATTRICK activities.

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