Implementing Lifelong Learning Universities through staff training and development

Tue 11 Dec 2012 04:01:00 PM EET

In order to support staff development activities in University Lifelong Learning (ULL), there is now an online training pack for managers and trainers in higher education available. The pack has been developed by the IMPLEMENT project.

The IMPLEMENT project, ending in December 2012, underlines the importance of staff development. It aims at the dissemination and exploitation of learning materials (developed in an earlier project, BeFlex Plus), by adding value to the existing training materials on the five topics by adapting them to national needs and using them in real training at institutional, national and transnational events. Project´s goal is to develop and deliver an online version of each topic in order to provide a sustainable and dynamic solution for the longer term exploitation of the learning resources and best practice examples.

Training pack can also be useful for adult educators

The materials encourage tackling the following questions:

  • How can universities do justice to their responsibility and role as "important social actors contributing to the better integration of adult learners"?
  • How can universities be supported "to invest more in services for learners" and to "better use their partnerships and effectively communicate the results of their cooperative activities"?
  • How can they become truly LLL universities?
  • And most importantly: How can you and your colleagues develop your skills, competences, understanding and professional networks to enable you to be more effect change agents in your institution?

In response to these questions the on-line learning is targeted at university staff and their partners and stakeholders, in order to encourage them to reflect on their institutional situation, to develop action plans, and to implement changes.

The courses are designed for individuals around key learning activities to reflect on their own practice (individual professional development) or for colleagues to do so together. Although targeted primarily at universities, very similar challenges are faced by other kinds of institutions including adult education. Therefore the materials could also be useful to other staff in other sectors.

Online courses presented at Malta

At the final event of IMPLEMENT in Malta, on 7-8 November 2012, five online courses were used in blended learning workshops. The materials include a plenary introduction to the courses on Implementing LLL and covered five 'hot topics':

  • Exploring Diversity in University Lifelong Learning
  • Curriculum in Partnership
  • Implementing Institutional Change in University Lifelong Learning
  • Recognition of Prior Learning
  • Regional Collaboration and Partnership in University Lifelong Learning

Furthermore a trainers' guide for advice on using the courses in groups is available on the learning platform and the IMPLEMENT website.

The workshops gave the opportunity to transnational and trans-sectorial participants to explore and try out the training packs in face-to-face sessions. But also learners and other interested persons, who could not make the way to Malta, had the possibility to join the event in real time by joining a distance on-line presentation.

Further information:

The materials are now ready and freely available for you to use at the EUCEN e-learning platform. You can also get involved with the IMPLEMENT activities by joining the established LinkedIn discussion group.

Text: Ricarda Motschilnig