Know Your Lifestyle -project gets positive feedback from teachers

Wed 11 Dec 2013 10:43:00 AM EET

Getting acquainted with each other’s activities, discussing the dissemination plan and organizing the work for the next year were some of the objectives of the first coordination workshop of the project Know your Lifestyle – Introducing Sustainable Consumption in 2nd Chance Education. The workshop, organized by the Estonian Non-formal Adult Education Association, took place in Tallinn from the 19th to the 20th November2013.

During the last year the consortium has been developing a first draft of the teaching modules on Sustainable Consumption (renewable energies, mobility and the value chain of goods). These include not only theory but also interesting exercises and problem statements. The material is developedin collaboration with NGOs engaged in Development Education and Sustainable Consumption.

Once the materials are ready at the national level, they will be improved in collaboration with teachers and students in the partner countries. The consortium, the NGOs and teachers will get together to revise the materials according to the users’ feedback in a workshop hosted by the Austrian partner next May.

Positive reactions from the teachers

The consortium has organized numerous meetings with the aims to introduce the project concepts and to present the teaching materials to teachers, experts on curricula and school coordinators in 2nd chance programs. Partners reported that so far the reactions from the 2nd chance teachers were very positive. They welcomed the initiative and are very motivated in introducing the topics into their lessons.

Next steps

A project website will be launched at the beginning of the next year. It will include project-related documents, reports on project events, the teaching materials and information about other activities organized by the partners and NGOs involved in the project.

In summer 2014, the final version of teaching materials and manuals will be available and spread to Adult Education Centers Europe-wide in order to allow them to organise workshops autonomously. This product will strengthen Development Education in educational institutions all over Europe.

This project is funded with the support of the EuropeAid programme.

Learn more about the project by visiting the dedicated page of the EAEA website.

Text: Francesca Operti