Researcher finds solutions

Thu 09 Oct 2014 12:00:00 AM EEST

ADULT EDUCATOR AT WORK. Mario Giampaolo, 33, is a project manager and a Ph.D. student in Educational Science at the University of Padua, Italy. During his workday he enjoys sharing knowledge with colleagues.


"I started my day by reading the news from the Flipboard application that I have on my mobile phone. I like to stimulate my creativity and ideas through this habit while I’m going to work by bus or by train. I’m especially interested in reading news about technology and education, marketing and social media, economy, politics, science, and ecology."


"I talked with my colleagues about our future projects. We are preparing a project that tackles the difficulties of adult students during their path in the university. At the University of Padua adult learners, especially workers and pregnant women, have more problems in completing their career compared to traditional students. We try to help them to receive more personalised learning resources and learning opportunities outside campus, for example, through the use of technology."


"Today I learnt that the need to stay updated with theories and practices in educational research are essential and need to be continuous. The process of doing research is really complex and composed by different parts. Defining the research questions, evaluating literature and developing writing skills to communicate the findings are important skills."


"I was really excited about the opportunity to share my knowledge and skills with others in conferences and seminars. As a speaker my first objective is to engage people by giving them the possibility to interact with others. I’m convinced that the audience can learn more through others’ experiences and through activities with others."


"I found difficult to manage and organise the activities of different groups of researchers. In this case you need to give them specifics and accurate information on their duties and activities, you need to be always updated about progress and problems that the research units have, you need to be clear about the your requests and try to answer their concerns. I admire colleagues who do this efficiently. There is always something new to learn."


"After work I try to disconnect my brain and socialize with friends for example while drinking a glass of 'spritz' - the most famous drink in Padua. I also like to take walks and visit new places, like the ancient towns that are near to Padua and Venice. The discovery of new things helps me to recharge my batteries."

In this series the former EAEA Younger Staff Training participants report their typical day at work as adult educators. This year’s EAEA Younger Staff Training will be held in Brussels on December 2–5. Apply now!

Interview: Helka Repo
Photos: Mario Giampaolo, John A. Henschke, Christina Mazzucco