Valuable learning experiences from EAEA members

Thu 24 Nov 2016 05:22:00 PM EET

EAEA's members work in different fields of adult education. Last week, EAEA participated in the final conference of the ESRALE project in Bonn, Germany. The visit gave the opportunity to also meet with German members to get to know the various ways adult education is being promoted.

Step forward towards a joint European master in adult education

The ESRALE Conference took place on the 17-18 November 2016 at the premises of the EAEA member German Institute for Adult Education (DIE). In the conference the ESRALE (European Studies and Research in Adult Learning and Education) project results and the partners’ proposals for the formal sector’s contribution to the professionalisation and quality development of adult learning in Europe were discussed.

The milestones of the ESRALE project are a joint research and PhD programme in Adult Learning and Education, leading to a mutual degree at EQF level 8 as well as a redesigned EMAE programme (European Master in Adult Education), including teaching and learning materials and a platform for collaboration.

“The work done by ESRALE is very important and it links to what EAEA has been doing with the AE-PRO project. The two projects, despite their different starting points, arrived to the very same conclusion: both a European perspective and international peer exchanges are extremely important for adult education professionals”, concludes the EAEA Project Officer Francesca Operti.

“We are currently investigating how to cooperate more in the future to make the best out of the outcomes of both projects”.

Basic education on a local level

AlphaKommunal,a project led by the German Adult Education Association (Deutsche Volkshochschul-Verband e.V. - DVV) aims at conceiving and testing different strategies to raise awareness for basic education on a local level.

Eva Heinen, the project coordinator, listed the results obtained in the first phase of the project (2012-2015): “We developed arguments to convince local policy-makers of the importance of implementing a Basic Education Plan. We also published a comprehensive and concrete implementation manual, created a workshop concept to sensitise employers and recruited trainers to carry out workshops all over Germany”.

Those will be further developed and tested in five German states in the second project phase (2015-2018).

“At the same time, we will enhance regional and national marketing work through the DVV contacts and networks”, Eva Heinen continued.

Language learning for refugees

Another project from DVV, Einstieg Deutsch, supports adult education centres in offering German language courses to newly arrived refugees. The innovative course combines frontal lessons, online material and excursions.

“We really want to make the content relevant for the learners by focusing on listening and speaking as well as focus the activities on the daily-life language,” illustrates one of the project coordinators, Anja Kern.

“The use of online material not only increases people’s digital skills, but also empowers learners to carry out self-learning”.

Activating participatory citizenship

Beate Schmidt-Behlau at DVV international presented the H2020 project EduMAP (Adult education as a means to active participatory citizenship), which has the purpose to research what polices and practices are needed in the adult education field to include young adults in participatory citizenship.

The project targets especially those learners who might feel excluded from society and thus discouraged from taking an active part as citizens.

Adult education centre bringing together learners

Harald Otto from Volkshochschule Bonn (VHS) presented EAEA the brand new education centre in Bonn, where the school is now located.

“It’s amazing to see that Volkshochschule Bonn is really open to everyone. Their many activities bring together learners of different generations, often with diverse cultural, social and educational backgrounds”, highlights the EAEA Membership and Events Officer Aleksandra Kozyra.

Text: EAEA
Photos: EAEA, DVV, VHS