VHS Saarlandes cooperates with Google to support refugees

Tue 01 Nov 2016 11:03:00 AM EET

EAEA GRUNDTVIG AWARD 2016. New technologies can not only support learning of refugees, but also raise awareness of their experiences among others. With a video blog, an e-learning platform and learning cafés, VHS Saarlandes in Germany reaches out to both refugees and the general public.

The article series shares good practices by introducing the nominees of the EAEA Grundtvig Award 2016.

VHS Saarlandes describes its initiative, Perspektiven.Saarland, as a contribution of adult education to effective integration. Pursuing two objectives, the programme combines civic education of the receiving society with a social and language education of migrants. The aims are achieved through the use of attractive tools, with support of the Google.org foundation.

To broaden the understanding of refugees and their learning experiences among the general public, VHS Saarlandes launched a video blog. By giving voice to the refugees themselves, the organization attempts to deconstruct existing stereotypes and prompt reflection on the part of the viewers.

Back to the roots

The initiative also includes learning cafés across the federal state of Saarland, which facilitate access to e-learning for refugees who are still waiting for spots in integration courses. With 500 Chromebook laptops provided by the Google.org foundation, participants have a chance to use the online learning platform and other e-learning tools. In case the learners need help in using the laptops or the platform, they can be assisted by volunteer teaching guides present in learning cafés.

VHS Saarlandes emphasizes that the initiative should be seen as an emerging movement for immigration and integration. It also calls back to the genuine identity of Volkshochschule by aiming for social participation of disadvantaged groups.

The project: Perspektiven.Saarland

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Text: Aleksandra Kozyra
Photos: VHS Saarlandes