EAEA campaigns for the European Year for Adult Learning

Per Paludan Hansen and Krista Kiuru.The EAEA flagship initiative on adult learning gained support from Helsinki where the EAEA President met the Finnish Minister of Education.

In a meeting with the Minister of Education, Science and Communications of Finland, Ms Krista Kiuru, the EAEA President Per Paludan Hansen presented EAEA's flagship initiative. EAEA will be campaigning for the European theme year for adult learning highlighting "the Joy of Learning". With the campaign EAEA wishes to raise awareness on the positive benefits of learning for all adults, and to make the European public and decision makers aware of the importance of adult education. EAEA proposes the European theme year for 2017 or 2018.

The initiative gained positive feedback and support from the Minister. She agreed that there is a strong need for updating the knowledge and skills of the European adult population. During his visit in Helsinki President Paludan Hansen also met with Mr Pasi Rajala, a Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on EU Affairs.

The EAEA flagship initiative was launched in the Vilnius conference Equipping adults for the 21st century - Joining Forces for Action on Skills and Competences in Vilnius on December 2013.

Text and photo: Helka Repo