EAEA proposes flagship initiative on adult education

President Per Paludan Hansen introduced EAEA´s proposal of a European flagship initiative on adult learning at the conference Equipping adults for the 21st century - Joining Forces for Action on Skills and Competences in Vilnius.

During the final panel debate of the conference the panelists were asked to propose concrete points for action.

"It has been a long time that we had the European Year of Lifelong Learning. Considering the needs underlined by the PIAAC result, we should introduce a Flagship that would ask for commitment from all levels: European, national, regional and local", Mr Paludan Hansen said, introducing thus EAEA´s proposal for action.

"It is also important that it does not only target the low-skilled but everyone in Europe! It is necessary to underline the joy of learning for everyone", he concluded. EAEA will take the idea of the European flagship initiative forward with its members and formulate it further with their input.

The conference was hosted by the Lithuanian presidency and organized, for the first time, by the European Commission in cooperation with the UNESCO institute for lifelong learning. It presented the results of both PIAAC and the Global Report on Adult Learning and Education (GRALE II). The workshops debated literacy and basic skills, the social and civic benefits of increasing participation in Adult Learning, the results of the Thematic Working Groups on Quality and Financing, and partnerships and cooperation in adult education.

The suggested action points, among others, underlined the need for closer cooperation between institutions but also sectors, including learners´ voices and promoting establishing structured dialogue at different levels.

Text: Ricarda Motschilnig