20.06.2011 EAEA

EAEA reponds to the New Skills for New Jobs initiative

EAEA welcomes the initiative of the European Commission for this communication, especially the attention given to Adult Education and Lifelong learning.

Among other things, EAEA states that the communication draws attention to the problems faced by adults with low educational attainments, who are seven times less likely to be involved in continuing education and training than those with high attainment levels. However no key actions are proposed to address this specific problem. EAEA suggests that this issue is of great importance for the future of Europe and that a special high level task group, which includes representatives of Civil Society, be established to make concrete proposals for action.

The communication outlines the need to develop a range of competences which are necessary to meet the requirements for future jobs. We would also suggest that consideration is given to ‘soft´ skills, including team building, participation, problem solving and social skills which can be acquired in a range of non formal and formal learning environments. In this case general ‘liberal´ education is as significant as vocational training . Consideration of these skills should be included in the EU Skills Panorama.