16.02.2011 REPORTS

EAEA Service: Adult Education in Europe Country Overviews

As many of you may already be aware, this past year the EAEA have been working on expanding and improving the Country Presentations section. We are now at the stage where over half of the countries in Europe have an updated report outlining the current situation of adult education in that country, written in English.

The aim of these reports is to provide a clear and comparable overview of the situations in different countries in English. This will attempt to somewhat level the field for information by making information accessible for countries without very much published information in a common language, as well as for those where many reports are already in available. Our members have been working closely with us to help provide a ‘real´ look, beyond only the official documents, and we in return have provided a platform for them to present themselves and how they work within the field.

Primarily this is a resource for those who are interested in finding out about how the systems work in different European countries. Perhaps you are researching a project and want to find out about the policies which are active across Europe? Or you may have a specific interest - for example how e-learning can be used in adult education - and can then browse the countries to look for ideas of how it is already being used, and note the organisations already working on this topic.

Overall, this is a platform for information. There are also links to various external sources, news and websites, as a starting point for your own research or interests. Or then browse the countries and see what you find, there might be something to surprise you!