11.01.2013 EAEA

EAEA welcomes a new Membership Officer

Tania Berman is the newest addition to the EAEA staff. She is ready to serve EAEA´s present and future members.

EAEA is strengthening its membership development this year and Tania will be in charge of this task.

"I am very happy to join EAEA. My job is to concentrate on recruiting new members for EAEA and making sure that we´ll serve the current ones even better", she tells.

Tania will also be in charge of a new EAEA project called "Awareness Raising for Adult Learning and Education" (ARALE). The project starts with the beginning of this year.

"We need to raise awareness about adult education; we need to address policy makers but also the general public so that they become more aware of the importance and necessity to support and to participate in adult education and learning. With the ARALE project, we want to collect and analyse good practice examples for campaigns promoting adult learning", Tania explains.

A true European citizen

Tania has a strong European background.

"I have work experience in other European networks, in particular the Erasmus Student Network and European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning (EUCIS-LLL)."

She is French and studied communication in Paris, Vienna and Madrid. She moved to Brussels one and a half years ago.

Living around the continent resulted in excellent language skills.

"Alongside French, my mother tongue, I speak English, German and Spanish", Tania says.

Mastering several European languages is particularly useful for the EAEA Membership Officer who is in contact with adult learning organisations from over 40 countries.

Tania enjoys jazz dance and photography in her spare time. Or then she hops on a train or a plane to visit friends living in other European countries.

Text: Aura Vuorenrinne

Contact Tania:

Tel: +32 473 60 90 92
Email: tania.berman [at] eaea.org