21.11.2013 EAEAPOLICY

Erasmus+ approved by the European Parliament

The new EU programme Erasmus+ for education, training, youth and sport was approved on November 19 by the European Parliament. The programme brings modifications to the funding opportunities of adult education stakeholders.

According to the European Commission the programme Erasmus+ will have a total budget of €14,7 billion, increasing the funding by 40 percent from the current level.

"Among other things, the programme will open up new strategic partnership opportunities for adult education stakeholders", EAEA Secretary-General Gina Ebner says.

Adult education staff will also have the opportunity to participate in mobilities but there will be a new approach in the programme.

"Organisations will now have to apply for their staff rather than individuals themselves, and submit a European development plan when doing so", Ebner summarizes.

Support to civil society organisations

EAEA’s partner organisation, the European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning (EUCIS-LLL) congratulated the European Parliament for the adoption of the Erasmus+ programme.

"The inclusion of a structural support to European civil society organisations in the legal basis is a great leap forward compared to the initial Commission’s proposal. We are now sure that the work they accomplished under the LLP is politically recognised and will be sustained in 2014-2020. Among other crucial elements that we supported, the upholding of sub-programmes and their brand name, the recognition of non-formal and informal learning and the acknowledgment of an individual, organisational and systemic impact of the programme have been introduced by the European Parliament", says the EUCIS-LLL in its press release.

Text: Helka Repo