05.04.2016 EAEAPOLICY

Erasmus+ evaluators and experts invited to network

France-based Eval-UE Association is a national network of evaluators and experts on Erasmus+, EU's programme to support education, training, youth and sport. The Association now wants to include European experts on Erasmus+ to exchange their views on the Eval-UE online platform.

The Experts et Evaluateurs de l’Union Européenne – Eval-UE Association has the aim to improve the quality of the evaluation of Erasmus+. It was established in 2012 in Bordeaux and gathers together around 100 members from a variety of sectors, public and private, in several European countries.

Supporting the work of evaluators

Eval-UE focuses on exchanging information between its members (evaluators) within the association and providing quality lifelong learning to them in order to enhance their expertise and expand their knowledge. The Association shares good evaluation practices and promotes the expertise of the evaluators.

Eval-UE helps to build associations of experts/evaluators in other European countries and to build a Europe-wide federation of these associations.

A platform for sharing ideas

Eval-UE has built a closed cooperative platform to capitalize all exchanges between the members of the Association. The platform includes an "international area" for foreign experts, which is a free space for exchanging and sharing best practices, reserved to all European evaluators or experts.

Free access to the platform is possible by sending an email to the Association.

Text: [Via Eval-UE]