23.10.2012 POLICY

Erasmus for All amendments: Support for the budget increase for adult learning

EAEA has been lobbying the members of European Parliament´s Culture and Education Committee (CULT) to increase the budget of adult learning in the framework of Erasmus for All, the new programme for education, youth and sport. Many members are now proposing increase to the financial plan proposed by the Commission.

During the last few weeks the members of the CULT committee had the chance to submit amendments to the Erasmus for All Draft Report of the rapporteur Doris Pack (EPP, Germany). The amendment proposals were published 22 October 2012.

Support from many political groups

The overall finances of the programme is yet to be decided. Therefore the budget of the programme can only be discussed as percentages at the moment. The European Council will attempt to make decisions on the EU budget in 22-23 November. It will then be clarified how much grants will be reallocated for Erasmus for All programme.

In the Commission´s proposal on Erasmus for All, adult education´s minimum share of the budget is around 2 %. In her Draft Report, Doris Pack proposes that the earmarked amount for adult learning should be 6 % of the total budget.

Many MEPs agree with Ms Pack: Petra Kammervert (Socialists & Democrats, Germany), Helga Trüpel (Greens, Germany) and rapporteur´s Christian Democratic colleagues, Seán Kelly (subsitute member of CULT, Ireland) and Santiago Fisas Ayxela (Spain), have all proposed that adult learning should be granted 6 % of the overall budget. A Danish member of the Liberals and Democrats, Morten Løkkegaard, is proposing a slightly lower increase of 5 %.

EAEA appreciates the support of MEPs

Budget increase for adult learning to 6 % is already a big improvement. In order to secure adequate funding for Grundtvig programme, we proposed the members to match at least the percentage for Youth, which is set to 8.3 %, says Gina Ebner, the Secretary-General of EAEA.

The Austrian substitute member of the CULT Committee Heinz K. Becker (Christian Democrats) agrees with EAEA and has proposed that adult learning should be granted 8 % of the total budget.

In addition to budget increase, EAEA and its partners were successfully lobbying on mobility of adult learners, operating grants and inclusion of stakeholders in the implementation and evaluation of the forthcoming programme. These amendments have also been proposed by MEPs.

Next steps

Proposed amendments are discussed in the next CULT Committee meeting in 6 November. They will be voted upon in 26-27 November. After that the adopted amendments are incorporated into the draft text before it becomes final report. The final report will be presented later in a plenary session of the European Parliament.