13.11.2012 POLICY

Eur-Alpha Network: Make the needs and demands of the adult literacy sector heard!

Eur-Alpha, the European network for adult literacy and numeracy, presented its findings on the 4th of September 2012 in Bonn. The three-year project came to an end this autumn.

The final conference gave the opportunity to learn how to get adult literacy learners actively involved and how tutors can be trained to promote the self-determination of learners. The members of the Eur-Alpha network also presented their Charter for tutor training: Achieving quality adult literacy and Literacy learners´ manifesto: Claiming the right to literacy. Moreover, it was discussed how literacy policies can be further developed.

The Eur-Alpha Network of literacy and numeracy practitioners, learners, trainers, researchers and policymakers (2009-2012) aimed at supporting and developing best quality practice in literacy and numeracy in Europe by:

  • The development and support of the learners voicing of opinions and participation;
  • The improvement of the educational practices facilitating learners´ self-determination and participation.

View the Eur-Alpha introduction video by the German Eur-Alpha partner Deutsches Institut für Erwachsenenbildung (DIE), the German Ministry of Education and Alphabund.