26.04.2013 POLICY

ICAE's toolkit supports development oriented adult educators

United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are due 2015 and International Council on Adult Education (ICAE) is putting special emphasis on the post-2015 process. The Council has produced an advocacy toolkit called The right to education and lifelong learning: Supporting materials for advocacy in the post-2015 process.

2013-2015 are important three years for adult education at a global level. Civil society organisations will mobilise toward reshaping the post‐2015 development agenda by engaging in the processes to set the post Rio+20 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), MDGs, Education for All goals (EFA) and International Conference on Adult Education (CONFINTEA). Based on this scenario and the proposals and recommendations of the ICAE Strategic Seminar held in Marrakesh in October 2012, ICAE is putting special emphasis on the 2015 process.

ICAE believes that the debate on the post‐2015, both of EFA and the MDGs, should aim to define new goals of comprehensive sustainability (social, cultural, educational, economic, environmental, equity, food) with special attention to the processes of transformation that need to be adopted to achieve these new goals and on the role adult learning can play in particular.

The Advocacy Toolkit is backing and supporting civil society organisations to build their capacities to mobilise, at national level, the common advocacy agenda. The document is a tool for advocacy at national, regional, and global level, which will continue growing with more information about the different processes, actors and issues of the post‐2015 development agenda.

The Advocacy Toolkit is available on ICAE website.

Source: ICAE website