07.10.2011 EAEA

In memoriam Bill Bax

Monday 12 September.

Willem "Bill" Bax has passed away after a short sickbed. Bill dedicated a great part of his life of his life to adult education and was in a certain way a symbol for lifelong learning himself.

My wakeis a shining track

of love which I leave behind

And slowly proceeds

in the shining lake.

As a tutor linked to several Dutch residential folkhighschools he was employed in the European Bureau of Adult Education at Amersfoort. Here he became one of the founding fathers of the European Association or Adult Education as it is nowadays and he was internationally well acknowledged and respected.

For half century Bill has been the most persistent professional for the internationalisation of Adult Learning in Europe. Starting from ‘50ies he has been promoter and pivotal support to those who were engaged in the development of Adult Education European networks.

Bill has also been a cultured and refined promoter and author of comparative studies and collections of training and information tools.

After his retirement he continued his strong involvement in adult education, expressed by membership of the international commission of the Dutch foundation for Folkhigh schools and in the governing board membership of the new Dutch platform Learn for Life. Bill reached age of 73 years. In him we lose a man who could inspire many young people with its knowledge, but certainly also still with its humour and properness.