04.02.2013 PROJECTS

InfoNet restarts, first newsletter released

Spreading information about adult education from the countries of Europe and EU institutions is the aim and objective of the unique English service "European InfoNet Adult Education", which has been developed as part of an EU project and now restarts the service after a one year break. EAEA is partner of InfoNet.

The first Infonet Newsletter has been released last week. It is the new format of the former InfoLetter which was published by InfoNet Adult Education. After a break of one year InfoNet Adult Education in late 2012 resumed activity, when it was approved by the European Commission for a new three year period as a multilateral Grundtvig Project.

The first Infonet Newsletter focuses on the effects of the economic crisis around Europe. Also European adult education policies are covered, and the reader gets latest news on Erasmus for All.

In the next period InfoNet intend to seriously upgrade its coverage of science and research in adult education. In the first issue Dr. Maurice de Greef explains the results of a Dutch research project on the effects of digital learning on different target groups, including participants with learning disabilities.

As a new feature of InfoNet we will occasionally publish articles on adult education policies and practices outside Europe. Recently Gisela Waschek uploaded an article on training funds in Uganda, and Katarina Popovic interviewed a young Afghan woman who did not lack learning motivation.

The InfoNet Newsletter is not available as PDF but to make sure you get the next issue, you can subscribe it on InfoNet website.