15.10.2012 POLICY

Lifelong learning at stake in EU budget 2013: European Parliament wants to restore funds cut by Council

MEPs think the Lifelong Learning Programme is a key programme for growth and should not be subject to further cuts.

The Parliamentary Committee on Budgets Committee voted Thursday 11 October 2012 on the EU's 2013 budget. To enable the Union to pay incoming bills, the European Commission's budget proposal for payments must be reinstated, to restore funds cut by the Council.

"I firmly believe that the EU and its policies are the way out of the crisis," said MEP Giovanni La Via (EPP), in charge of 2013 budget reports for the Budget Committee in the European Parliament.

"One euro spent at EU level returns more than the same euro spent at national level. For example, in the field of research, one euro invested from the EU budget results in a return of 14 euro," says La Via explained.

The Parliament's plenary vote is scheduled for 23 October. Conciliation with the Council will start on Friday 26 October. If conciliation leads to an agreement, it will be put to a final plenary vote at the Parliament's November session.

Text: via EUCIS-LLL