Med-Assess measures abilities of job-seekers

EAEA GRUNDTVIG AWARD 2015. The Med-Assess project focused on the measurement of the job knowledge and general mental abilities of job applicants and employees in the medical field, in particular nurses and formal caregivers.

The article series spreads good practices by introducing the nominees of the EAEA Grundtvig Award.

Med-Assess system was targeted in particular at evaluating and assessing the work related knowledge of nurses, job applicants, and students. The system was realized as a web-based application that employs multiple-choice tests to assess the job knowledge of nurses, and to recommend appropriate learning content for further training and education.

Med-Assess project (2012–2014), one of the nominees of the EAEA Grundtvig Award 2015, was specifically focused on, and tailored to, the health labor market in Germany. The project competed in the European category of the awards.

Supporting learning at the workplace

The focus was on the selection of employees on the basis of an assessment of their work related knowledge (e.g. treatment of patients suffering neurological diseases), and the provision of recommendations for remedial training courses, qualification measures, or required learning material.

Moreover, Med-Assess supported vocational education and training (VET) on the job and furthers competencies in the context of human health services and the medical profession.

Med-Assess project

Project coordinator:
Institute of Knowledge Based Systems & Knowledge Management, University of Siegen, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Madjid Fathi


  • Amsterdam Business School, Universiteit van Amsterdam (The Netherlands);
  • Betaklinik GmbH (Germany);
  • Corvinno Technology Transfer Center Nonprofit Public Ltd. (Hungary).


Every year, EAEA hands out the EAEA Grundtvig Award to successful projects in adult education. In 2015, three projects were awarded with a prize: an international, a European and a national initiative. The theme of this year’s award was Adult Education and Health.