07.03.2014 EAEAPEOPLE

New staff members at EAEA

Raffaela Kihrer and Lilli Siitka are the new additions to the EAEA team.

Membership and Events Officer Raffaela Kihrer

EAEA is not a new workplace for Raffaela Kihrer, 27, as she has previously worked as an intern for EAEA. Raffaela will be in charge of membership issues and organizing events.

“I really enjoyed my internship with EAEA last year because education - especially in the context of empowerment and civil society work - is really a matter that is close to my heart. So when I was asked if I was interested in a position with EAEA, of course I said yes”, Raffaela tells.

Adult education empowers

Raffaela expects to learn more about the policy making level of education, to gain deeper insight into adult education, and to have the possibility to develop her skills in various fields of work.

“I think that adult education - especially non-formal and informal adult education - can empower people. It allows for developing one's skills and can, at the same time, lead to a better understanding of for example democracy and society.”

Arts and cooking

In her spare time Raffaela enjoys reading novels and poetry, listening to music, drawing and painting.

“I read everything from A like Jane Austen to Z like Émile Zola”, she says.

She also has passion for cooking.

“I simply love cooking and baking - with butter and sugar being the mostly used ingredients!”

Raffaela Kihrer

  • Comes from Austria.
  • Graduated from the University of Vienna with a major in International Development Studies and minors in Political Science and German as a Foreign and Second Language. Has also a diploma for teaching German as a foreign and second language.
  • Previously worked as a teacher in adult education and did an internship with EAEA.


Intern Lilli Siitka

Lilli Siitka, 27, first heard of EAEA through her teacher. The andragogy student’s tasks at EAEA include online research on key adult education topics. She will also be developing a briefing note about European Semester and supporting the EAEA office.

“Getting to know more about EAEA I started to like the idea of working for non-formal adult education organization in the middle of the European Union”, Lilli tells.

Adult education as a way of life

During her traineeship, Lilli hopes to get as much knowledge as possible about how the European Union works.

“It is definitely a good place to get new contacts all over Europe and to make adult education community closer together”, she says.

Lilli sees adult education as a world where you want to stay once you’ve stepped in.

“I call lifelong learning a way of life - healthier and better way of life. And working in adult education - I don´t want to sound cheesy but I guess we all need to feel like we are saving the world.”

Exploring the world

In her spare time Lilli likes to travel. She likes to travel and has also previously lived abroad. The longest period was living in Cyprus for nearly three years.

“One of my passions is exploring new places, does not matter if it is a new city or a restaurant nearby.”

Lilli Siitka

  • Comes from Estonia
  • Studies andragogy in Tallinn University

Text: Helka Repo
Photos: Tania Berman