04.11.2011 POLICY

New website for better policy making in education and training

Up to date research and information on the economics of education, tailor-made to the needs of busy policy makers, is now available on the re-vamped website of the European Expert Network on Economics of Education (EENEE).

The network supports reforms and identification of investment priorities in the area of education and training.
Running now in its eighth year EENEE is an EU Think Tank sponsored by DG Education and Culture. The expert network aims to contribute to the improvement of decision-making and policy development in education and training in Europe. EENEE's core task is to advise and support the European Commission in the analysis of economic and financing aspects of educational policies and reforms. A further key service provided by EENEE is the promotion and dissemination of research on the Economics of Education in Europe. The following new services can be found on EENEE´s website:

A new series of "Policy Briefs" - two-pagers on important research topics written in a way digestible for busy policy-makers; the first two are on "The Cost of Low Educational Achievement in the European Union" and "Class Size: Does It Matter?"
Analytical reports commissioned by the DG Eduaction and Culture, including titles such as "Financing Lifelong Learning" by Falch/Oosterbeek, "A Policy Agenda for Improving Access to Higher Education in the EU" by Veugelers, "Non-Cognitive Skills and Personality Traits" by Brunello/Schlotter, and "The Cost of Low Educational Achievement in the European Union" by Hanushek/Woessmann).
There is an extensive list of literature references to the economics of education, organized by topics, that is should be useful to anyone working in the field.

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