07.03.2013 PROJECTS

OED Network came together to discuss opportunities and challenges for adult education

It was deep and snowy winter in Vienna, when the Outreach Empowerment Diversity (OED) network met in 17-18 January. However this didn´t hinder the heated discussions and conversation among the OED partners who came to Vienna, Austria, in order to finalise their first publication, share experiences and discuss future steps.

During the last year the 17 partner organisations have collected and analysed good practice examples from fourteen European countries, which tackle the overlap of social inclusion and active citizenship. Good projects and organisations were identified after a common grid, outreach methods and approaches were thoroughly analyzed in order to identify the main trends and success factors.

Soon this analysis will be published and available on OED network's website, which provides an overview of empowerment, diversity and outreach strategies to marginalised groups in a European context.

Tool for trainers

Based on this analysis the network already started to prepare and further developed in Vienna methodology guidelines for practitioners with the aim to support trainers in Adult Education by providing methodology examples for their daily work with marginalized groups.

It was discussed how to show well how to reach out these groups, assure diversity in the class room and include learners´ voices in the teaching process.

Adult Education in times of crisis

The freezing temperatures also reflected the situation of adult education in many European countries in times of crisis. Therefore this gathering of several European country representatives gave the opportunity to exchange experiences and views on how the economic crisis affects their countries and how the crisis influences adult education as well as learners. The partners were very engaged in exchanging and finding possible solution for these challenges for adult education.

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Text: Ricarda Motschilnig