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Pedagogical kits help adapt to life in Belgium

EAEA GRUNDTVIG AWARD 2016. Starting out in a new country is never easy. Finding an apartment, understanding how the health system works, looking for a job – these tasks can be tricky for everyone, but seem insurmountable for migrants who are illiterate or have had very little education in their home country. It is specifically with them in mind that Lire et Ecrire, EAEA Belgian member, created training kits on adapting to life in Belgium.

The article series shares good practices by introducing the nominees of the EAEA Grundtvig Award 2016.

With a comprehensive and easy to use set of training materials, Lire et Ecrire (Belgium) reaches out to migrants who are illiterate or struggle with reading and writing. The project offers unique support in discovering different aspects of everyday life in Belgium and has already achieved considerable success.

The kits provide structured approaches and include materials for trainers working with migrants who are not fully literate. Organised around seven different topics, the materials help answer questions about Belgian lease agreements, the role of trade unions and types of immigration statuses, to name only a few. With such a comprehensive scope, the kits can also adequately address an audience of Belgian origin, as well as young people in training or even be used as part of a reflection on society.

An attractive tool

In accordance with the foundations of lifelong learning, the approaches presented are intended to encourage or develop the capacity for critical analysis in the perspective of an active participation in our society in all its aspects. The pedagogical choices that underlie them are based on the principles of intercultural education and the self-construction of knowledge.

The project was a great success, as it offered a unique tool in French-speaking Belgium welcoming newly arrived migrants who are illiterate or poorly educated. Lire et Ecrire printed each of the 8 kits in 500 copies, and has already ran out of 5 kits (still available for online use). With more than 500 people already trained by Lire et Ecrire to use the materials, there are more training sessions planned in the coming months. Should you be interested, please consult the website of the organization.

The project: Pedagogical kits by Lire et Ecrire

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Text: Aleksandra Kozyra
Photos: Lire et Ecrire