14.12.2011 EAEA

Policy: Adult Education and Migration

EAEA recently published a paper on migration. It includes a set of 13 recommendations as well as an analysis of the current situation, a look at key concepts, and a call for a coherent and coordinated strategy that tackles both migrants´ skills and competences and intercultural activities across Europe.

The European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) sees a need for a strong European strategy in the area of adult learning that addresses a range of important topics. We understand that migration is a complex issue, and we will not try to tackle all aspects of migration policies, but rather concentrate on the role that adult education can play. We have seen from other regions of the world that migration can be seen as an opportunity where adult education plays an important role in bringing people together and increasing the skills and competences of adults (see the 2011 Grundtvig Award winner from Canada). We would like to see increased efforts in European societies, too, in order to make this happen.

EAEA Paper on Migration