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Poliglotti4.eu final conference: Cultural change towards multilingualism is needed

The final conference of the Poliglotti4.eu project highlighted Europe´s linguistic wealth and emphasized the outcome of project achievements. It put the spot on the multilingual practices in European society. The conference aimed also at raising the voice of Europeans who live and work in multilingual Europe representing diverse fields such as art and culture, education and public spaces.

The conference was held in Parma, Italy, on 15-16 November 2012. It was organised by the European Theatre Convention in collaboration with the Poliglotti4.eu Consortium and brought together experts and multilingual talents from across Europe.

Multilingualism from every angle

In order to achieve its objectives, the conference offered the participants the opportunity to discuss multilingualism in Europe: its presence in politics, economics and civil society and its role as a key to integration for European citizens.

The event was also an occasion to illustrate the functioning of the civil society platform on multilingualism and to listen to fascinating life experiences of some talented polyglots (see video). The conference was enriched by penetrating theatre performances and funny videos on multilingualism in the hosting city.

EAEA was in charge of chairing a round table on Adult Language Learning, which was part of the session titled "Multilingualism in civil society and public European spaces". Among the many topics discusses, the table focused on the main lacks in adult language learning: standardisation, quality assurance, political support and correct use of European tools and media.

Multilingualism observatory advocates the cause

Cultural change towards multilingualism was highlighted by the participants as a key need to encourage language learning in Europe. The conference was a successful step in this direction, as it tried to ensure that multilingualism remains a topic of debate and awareness in social, cultural, academic and political discourse, even in times of crisis.

The Polilgotti.4eu project will be finishing at the end of 2012. Nevertheless, the multilingualism observatory, which contains projects´ outcomes, interesting best practice and useful language learning and teaching tools, will be available for 5 more years to foster multilingualism in Europe.

Text: Francesca Operti

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