26.05.2011 REPORTS

Public consultations: which way forward for EU education and youth programmes?

The European Commission has just published the results of public consultations on the future generation of EU programmes for education and youth from 2014.

Between September and November 2010, anyone interested was invited to give their opinions on the design of the funding programmes under the next multiannual budget of the European Union.

The consultations on future programmes in education and training, youth and international co-operation in higher education together received more than 8700 responses via online questionnaires and written contributions. Most of the respondents were from Europe and active in the fields of education and youth policy.

The results of these consultations will feed into the Commission's preparations for the next generation of education and youth programmes. The Commission will propose an outline of the post-2013 budget at the end of June and present a proposal for new education and youth programmes in the autumn 2011.

Under the current multiannual budget (2007-2013) there are three major programmes through which the EU offers funding opportunities in education, training and youth. The Lifelong Learning Programme enables people at all stages of their lives to take part in stimulating learning experiences. Youth in Action supports learning activities outside school, including youth exchanges and volunteering. Erasmus Mundus is the EU's most important tool to support exchanges and co-operation in higher education with partners worldwide.

Text: Europa.eu

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