14.07.2011 POLICY

Solidar and the nine challenges

The European Union lives in turbulent times, with waves of financial crises overlapping one another. It would seem tempting to further tighten already harch austerity measures in an attempt to curb public funding. Such an approach, however, carries a high prize.

1 July marked the beginning of Poland´s Presidency of the Council of the European Union. This Presidency is coming at a time when the consequences of the austerity measures being implemented by Member States, and which are widely promoted by the European Institutions, are having a direct impact on the most vulnerable in Europe. In addition, the speculation against larger EU countries, the Euro, and the European project as a whole are leading to a weakening of the union.

SOLIDAR has put together 9 challenges for the Polish Presidency:

  1. Change the Growth Paradigm
  2. Reinstate ‘Social´ Security Concerns
  3. Genuine Partnership with Civil Society
  4. Promote a Global Social Protection Floor
  5. Promote Education and Lifelong Learning
  6. Promote a Rights-based Approach to Migration
  7. Take into Account Socio-economic Needs of People in Eastern Partnership
  8. Support Democratic & Social Development in Northern Africa and Arab Countries
  9. Implement a Financial Transaction Tax

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