05.10.2011 REPORTS

The 6th Week of non-formal education in Belarus

On September 24 - October 2, 2011 the 6th Week of non-formal education took place in Belarus. The topic this year was "Non-formal education and regional development".

The organizers put on the agenda the question of non-formal and additional education accessibility in the Belarusian regions and encouraged an open discussion on the role of non-formal education in the Belarusian development. The organisers of the week included the educational institution "International private center of training, retraining and further education" (BELTuV), the training center "Kvadratny apelsin", the Association of additional education and enlightenment and the Representative Office of the German Adult Education Association in the Republic of Belarus.

In the last decades a certain demand for different training programs has appeared aimed at personal, social and professional development. This demand is characteristic not only in Minsk and regional centers but can also be seen in small towns and rural areas.

The 6th Week of non-formal education included:

  • Talking with the consumers about their needs and preferences
  • Discussions about the role of non-formal/additional education of adults and youth in the Belarusian society
  • Demonstration of achievements, forms and methods
  • Drawing attention to the perspectives of non-formal/additional education development in the Belarusian regions.

The organizers tried to broaden the geography of the event as much as possible. Gomel opened the Week with the exhibition "Education - it is interesting!"(Club enlightening institution "Kinobunker"). "The Lost Harodnya" (series of 4 thematic excursions) organized by Grodno Association of Young Intellectuals "VIT" let Grodno citizens learn unfamiliar facts from the history of their city and take part in the creation of new excursion routes. The historical theme was discussed during the workshop in Vileyka. A series of trainings and thematic meetings were organized at Mogilev state university by psychologists of the voluntary club "The hand of support", the representatives of Mogilev ecological public association "ENDO", Public Association of entrepreneurs of Mogilev region.

The possibilities of educational programs for the 2011-2012 academic year were presented to Grodno-citizens by the representatives of "Center of informational support of public initiatives "The third sector" and Grodno Association of Young Intellectuals "VIT". In Borisov and Zhodino the team of experts from Republican public association "Belarusian Association of UNESCO clubs", Youth public association "Focus-group" and the project KARIERA.BY invited young people to learn how to effectively plan their own career. And during the events conducted by the creative studio "ОН-STUDIO" and the Training center "Kvadratny apelsin" (its subsidiary in Mogilev) the participants learned about the educational services of commercial organizations. Workshops, trainings, thematic round tables, master classes were also held in Smolevichi, Khodosy, Krichev, Brest, Svetlogorsk, Shchuchin and Molodechno.

The final event of the Week was the presentation of the program of "Flying University" that enabled Gomel citizens to learn more about the idea and aims of the "Flying University", possibilities of participation in the regional workshops. The presentation took place in cooperation with the "Agency of regional development "Strategic thought".

More detailed information about the Week of non-formal education you may find at the following websites - www.dvv-international.by, www.adukatar.net, www.zautra.by , www.eurobelarus.info, www.n-europe.eu