05.04.2011 POLICY

Vision for the future of the education, training and youth programmes

27 major stakeholders in education and training adopt a common position paper on their vision for the future of education, training and youth programmes.

Investing in People through Sustainable and Inclusive EU Programmes" the position paper proposes 4 key principles on the vision for the future programmes as well as 4 steps towards more effective programmes including an annex with recommendations for the next financial regulation.

The promoters believe that EU programmes should aim to support organisations and individual learners in building the Europe-wide learning space step by step. This Area should aim at making lifelong learning a reality for all its citizens. The current programmes are crucial for millions of learners and educators in Europe. They benefit from a wide recognition but their impact remains limited due to scarce resources. With the adoption of the "EU2020 strategy", education and training is at the heart of the European project. Community programmes should have the means to contribute to these objectives notably in terms of equal access to lifelong learning. To reach "EU2020" targets it is crucial that EU Member states consider investing in people as a top priority in the next financial perspectives. In order to reach these policy objectives it is also important to make sure the programmes do reach their targeted publics. We believe it is important to remove obstacles to participation.

Position paper