Europahaus Burgenland 

House of Europe Burgenland

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Campus 2

7000 Eisenstadt, Austria

Tel.: (0043) 268 270 459 33

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Mission statement

The Europe House considers itself as a free academy of European and Global Learning. On the Eisenstadt Campus we are creating a cosmopolitan place of learning, which includes

  • a library
  • a garden
  • a gallery
  • and multifarious activities.

Our members and co-workers are highly skilled in taking care of all events and publications. The projects of the Europe House are funded by public means.

Main activities

about 3000 books: specialist literature relating to european and development politics , human rights, philosophy, political education, etc. Inter-library-loan is possible.
The library is in interconnection with other development political libraries via "Biblioteca 2000".

Cosmopolitan Garden

Urban Gardening has so far only been known from gardening initiatives only in big cities such as Berlin,Hamburg, Paris or New York. Those projects arose out of the need of the inhabitants to increase the green areas amongst the grey seas of walls and houses. In Eisenstadt, in the rather small capital town of Burgenland, the grey has started to extend, namely across large areas of a new part of town consisting of the technology centre, some car show rooms, a plastics factory and a college campus. Within this inhospitable complex there was also an overgrown area of fallow land. For two years now this land has been at the disposal of Europe House for the planting and maintenance of a “Cosmopolitan Garden”. On an area of 22.000m², gardening and artistic projects are now growing, mainly initiated and maintained by active retirees. The involvement of students living on the neighbour campus has succeeded in developing small sections and gives hope to a future inter-generational cooperation in the shaping of this piece of land. The initiative of the active retirees has currently shown quite significant effects of vitalizing the ground which seemed rather hopeless at the beginning:

  • School classes have come to do their projects in the garden
  • The Pedagogic College is planting test fields in order to make their students familiar with the long term idea of school gardens for primary and secondary schools.
  • Town inhabitants are using the garden to grow their own vegetables and flowers.

The Europahaus is involved in a research project regarding the life's work of Dag Hammarskjölds, general secretary of the United Nations (1953-1961). He was a civil servant, diplomat, writer, translator, mystic and above all, a finley tuned mind. The research project is conducted in cooperation with the Social Sculpture Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University (2012 – 2017).

Furthermore Europahaus is joining in the "Campaign for the Establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.

International projects

Grundtvig Learning Partnership VITALISE
Vitalise - Learning Partnership


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