Ассоциация дополнительного образования и просвещения (АДОиП)

The Association of Life-Long Learning and Enlightenment (ALLLE)

Ordinary Member

Mrs. Ekaterina Mikachyova; Mr. Andrey Levko

Prospekt Gazety ‘Pravda’ 11

220116 Minsk, Belarus

Tel.: (00375) 291 315 299; (00375) 291 071 366

adop2011info (at) gmail.com


Mission statement

The mission of the Association is to enhance the impact of educational organizations in Belarus on the formation of an open democratic society based on national and European values; promotion of human rights; improving the quality of people's lives through better coordination in the field of civil and non-formal education, disseminating best practices and quality standards, providing additional opportunities for organizations providers to improve the quality and coverage of its activities, training of "educators," improving the general framework conditions in the field of civil and non-formal education.

Main activities

Priority areas and forms of activity:
• Promoting activities of organizations of non-formal and additional education;
• Development and implementation of the training programs for managers, trainers and facilitators in non-formal education;
• Upholding and promoting the interests of the organizations working in the field of non-formal and additional education;
• Organization of research and support of the activities of groups of experts in the field of civic, additional and non-formal education;
• Development and conceptualization of civic education;
• Elaboration of quality standards and performance evaluation of the training programs of non-formal education;
• Organization of the festivals and weeks of non-formal education;
• Inclusion in the non-formal education;
• Promotion of the concept of learning region

The most successful projects and programs of the Association:
• Seminars-trainings Adukatar school (School of Educators) http://adukatar.net/chasopis-adukatar/;
• Week of Non-Formal Education (held since 2005);
• Festival of Non-Formal Education (held since 2006);
• Magazine on Non-Formal Education ADUKATAR (published since 2004);
• Festival of civic art "Gramadzyanskasts.BY" (2013);
• Review and comparative analysis of non-formal education in the countries of the Eastern Partnership (prepared in 2012, in cooperation with organizations from Eastern Partnership countries);
• Study visit to Lithuania (2013).

International projects

1. Project Title: «International Festival of Non-Formal Education» (held since 2006);
Partner organizations –
DVV (Germany), the Association of Life-Long Learning and Enlightenment (Belarus).

2. Project Title: "Non-formal education for regional democratic transformations"
Applicant organization – Europe XXI Foundation (Ukraine, Kyiv)
Partner organizations –
DVV (Germany), the Association of Life-Long Learning and Enlightenment (Belarus).

3. Project Title: «Education for all generations»
Partner organizations –
Lithuanian Association of Adult Education (Lithuania), the Association of Life-Long Learning and Enlightenment (Belarus).


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