Associate Member

67 rue de Mons

1400 Nivelles, Belgium

Tel.: (+32) 496 28 81 59

Mission statement

Ecett is a broad European network helping teams working in the sectors of youth, social work and addiction to meet their peers for exchanging good practices and developing competencies and innovations. Ecett organize ongoing training of professional teams active in education of adults and children.

Main activities

Ecett-Networks, founded in 2011 as a non-profit organization, organises different activities such as:

- Accompaniment of adult learners in personalized learning paths across Europe for exchanging good practices with their peers.

- Co-construction of repository of good practices accessible on line.

International projects

Mobility projects introduced by Ecett partners for exchanges of internships and good practices.


Ecett Newsletters / Bulletins
Final reports of two projects financed by Leonardo da Vinci KA2 (Ecett-Pilot 2008 and Ecett-ToI 2011)