SOCIUS: Steunpunt voor Sociaal-Cultureel Volwassenenwerk

SOCIUS: Support Centre for Socio-Cultural Work with adults NGO

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Gallaitstraat 86 bus 4

1030 Brussel, Belgium

Tel.: (0032) 2 21 52 708

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Main activities

Socius - steunpunt voor sociaal-cultureel volwassenenwerk vzw, is an independent organisation that primarily targets certified and/or subsidised socio-cultural adult work in the framework of its management agreement with the Flemish government but also other organisations that apply the socio-cultural method.

The Support point realises its key tasks – practical support, practical development and communication by means of activities like guidance, promoting expertise and implementation of quality care, research and development, data collection, representation, international cooperation, information and promotion.

The Support point wants to carry out these key tasks in a professional way and in cooperation and continuous consultation with socio-cultural adult work and socio-cultural worker(s).

Through the realisation of this key task the Support point wants to contribute to a democratic society in which pluralism, cultural diversity, tolerance, respect, equal opportunities and solidarity are central values.

On socio-cultural adult work in Flanders

Socio-cultural adult work - the Dutch term for 'non-formal adult education' - is well developed in Flanders. The hundreds of organisations in the sector offer a broad range of activities that may be aimed at both recreational, creative, education and social activities. Reducing socio-cultural adult work to initiatives that fit neatly into one of these fields would be wrong however. Precisely the integration of training, animation, culture and social action is a specific feature of socio-cultural adult work.

Regardless of how diverse all these activities are, the many organisations in the sector all have two things in common. The marked commitment to a specific target group and/or theme and the significant voluntary involvement of the contributors, members and participants.

The daily effort by all these people results in a fleet of courses, walks and excursions, lectures, cultural events, meetings, exhibitions, exercises of skill, information campaigns, debates and discussion groups, etc. that keeps thousands of people active in Flanders each year.