Prijateljice Obrazovanja Amica EDUCA

Association Friends of Education

Associate Member

Mrs. Selma Aličić

Klosterska 13

75000 Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tel.: (00387) 35 248 910

educa (at)

Mission statement

Amica Educa is a non-partisan, non-governmental, non-profit organization, which through it activities in the area of BiH and Southeast Europe contributes to the community and individual quality of life , by applying lifelong learning concept, innovative and classic approaches in education and psycho-social work with children, youth and adults.

Main goal of Association is "Improving quality of life for community members, by improvement of their social and professional functioning."

Three key strategic directions for implementation of the main goal:

  • Contribute to implementation of innovative approaches, knowledge and skills in psycho-social and pedagogic work through education of professionals and through promotion of lifelong learning.
  • Advance mental health and social functioning of individuals and families through counseling, psychotherapy and education.
  • Strengthen human and other resources of the organization in the partnership with non-governmental and governmental sector for sustainability and in support of process of professionalization.

Main activities

Organization provides services for the wide variety of users; professionals in helping professions, such as educational workers,  psychologists, pedagogues, special educators, social workers, health workers, students in these areas, as well as, individuals and families in a state of psycho-social need.

Main activities of Association Amica Educa are reflected in implementation of three programs:

Educational program, Family Counseling and Festival of Lifelong Learning in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Educational Program offers methods and skills for work with children, youth and adults, from different psycho-social and pedagogic areas. Users of educational program (professionals in helping disciplines) have an opportunity to participate in variously themed seminars and trainings: Creative Expressive Painting, Communication and Empathy Skills, Dances of Universal Peace, Family Dynamics, Positive Discipline in Raising Children, Sexual Abuse in the Childhood, Art-Therapy and Music Therapy. Aside from these topics, Amica Educa also offers Personal and Business Skills training for unemployed women.

Family Counseling offers a new and unique way of work to the citizens of Tuzla Canton. Activities which are offered within Family Counseling are tailored to the needs of each client individually, so they can, in a safe environment, overcome their life obstacles, psychological problems and find as many solutions as they can for their personal issues, individual, marital (partner) and family counseling and psycho-therapy, Psycho-educative and creative workshops with vulnerable and marginalized people. Psycho-social activities targeted at improving quality of life.

Since 2000, Amica Educa implements Festival of Lifelong Learning in Bosnia and Herzegovina, making a positive impact on the consciousness of citizens who are trying to motivate themselves to continually improve own capacities - for lifelong learning. Intent of the Festival is to bring together and connect all relevant stakeholders in education and to promote all forms of education while assisting with the educational reforms in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For the realization of programs Association "Amica Educa " has approval from the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Return TK no .09/3-3591309SS of 28.04.2009. and Pedagogical Institute Tuzla no.10/VI 03-38/127-1/10 of 17.06.2010 . In 2006 Amica Educa became the first organization from Bosnia and Herzegovina to become a member of the network of the European Association for Adult Education.

International projects

  • Educational Program - Professional Additional Education of Adults, 1997, ongoing, Partner: Pedagogical Institute,
  • Multipliers of Modern Approaches in Psycho-social and Pedagogic Work, 2010, 2 years,
  • Lifelong Learning Festival, 2000, 10 years,
  • Prevention and reduction of sexual abuse in childhood cases (Education for professionals of helping disciplines), 2013, one year
  • Tandem University - Amica Educa, 2006, ongoing, Partner: Tuzla University, Faculty of Educational Rehabilitation
  • Creative support to religious education teachers, 2008, ongoing, Partner: Pedagogic Institute


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