Ministarstvo prosvjete i kulture Republike Srpske, Zavod za obrazovanje odraslih

Ministry of Education and Culture of Republic of Srpska, Institute of Adult Education

Associate Member

Vuka Karadžića 1

78000 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tel.: (00387) 51 228 280

mpoo (at)

Mission statement

The Institution of Ault Education was founded to support development of modern and flexible education system in Republic of Srpska, to follow the requirements of labor market, principles of lifelong learning and examples of the best practice from EU countries. Considering that education system, along with the structure of staff and quality of education, can not meet the requirements of economy, therefore it is necessary to permanently adjust education with needs of labor market.

The affirmation of Adult Education is promoted through animation of publicity, business entities, local communities and individuals, and all on the bases of principles of lifelong learning; rational usage of educational possibilities, territorial nearness and availability of education to everyone under equal circumstances, in accordance with their capabilities; freedom and autonomy to choose manner, content, format, means and methods of education; accepting the differences and involving the persons with psycho – physical difficulties; professional and moral responsibilities of Adult Education workers; quality of education offers and respecting the personality and dignity of each participant including in the education of adults.

Main activities

Since its establishment Institute of Adult Education provides implementation of the Adult Education system and creates the preconditions for the systematic introduction of Lifelong Learning in the entire educational system of the Republic of Srpska, and thereby enables employability and standard of living improvement in the Republic of Srpska, as well as meeting needs of individuals to acquire special knowledge and competence in accordance with their capabilities, requirements and affinities.

The Institute of Adult Education constantly determines the needs for certain educational programs, in order to acquire occupations that are missing in labor market, and all with the aim to accomplish the vision of Institute - establishment of the system of Adults Education that will enable, on the basis of “learning society” principle, satisfaction of labor market, increase the employment, improvement of life standard i.e. quality of life.

Besides, the mentioned operations enables planning activities relating to adult education which has provideded at least primary school education; training for adults that are without formal education; granting higher level of education and training, possibility of additional qualifications, requalifications and continuing professional development, including the possibility to learn, and to acquire knowledge and skills that suit individual competence, affinity and age of person.

Main tasks of Institution: data base preparation on general labor market situation regarding supply and demand for certain occupations; preparing, development and monitoring of educational programs for adult learners; gathering informations on providers and programs of Adult Education; legislative; review of existing finance systems; development of system for insurance of quality and the procedure of accreditation for facilities that deal with education of adults; rising the public awareness regarding the importance of continuous education; coordination and implementation of the projects accepted by the Government of Republic of Srpska and Ministry of Education and Culture which are reflected through team work, monitoring and evaluation; preparation and adoption of final documents, that harmonize standards and legislative in domain of education of adults with international standards and standards in EU; cooperation with entity bodies and in BiH regarding mutual projects and cooperation with foreign organizations (government and nongovernment).

International projects

  • "Centre for LLL" project, started in January 2013, by Europlus, Doboj. Duration: 24 months. Institute of Adult Education is associate on this project.
  • "Education to employment in local community" project, started in August 2013. Duration: 21 months. Institute of Adult Education is associate on this project.
  • "Strengthening Adult Education Resources in Technical and Vocational Schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina - STARS" project. Duration: July 2013 to December 2014. This project is being implemented by DVV International, Project Office Sarajevo in cooperation with Institute of Adult Education and Mixed Vocational School, Tesanj
  • "Vocational Education in the Republic of Srpska" project, started in August and ends in December 2013. Partner Save the Children.


e-Bulletin "New Chance" available on Institute of Adult Education webpage