Udruženje za istraživanje I organizacioni razvoj

Research and Organizational Development Association (RODA)

Associate Member

Kemal Begova 13

71 000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tel.: (00387) 33 553 385

telecentar (at) rod-a.com 


Mission statement

Building and developing capacity of citizens for the active participation in labor market , with the special focus on socially excluded groups.

Main activities

  • Implementation of the Lifelong Learning Programme;
  • Researches in the education and labor market areas ;
  • Advocacy and lobbying actions for the creation, adoption and implementation of the laws relevant for the adult education.

International projects

  • Training of Young, Unemployed Persons for Labor Market , 2013, 6 months, EU/UNDP/Ministry of Justice and Municipality Stari Grad Sarajevo
  • Necessary knowledge and skills for unemployed youth, 2013, 6 months, Royal Norwegian Embasy Sarajevo