Socijalno-Edukativni Centar - Banja Luka (SEC)

Social Educational Center (SEC)

Ordinary Member

Dr. Mladena Stojanovica br. 6

78 000 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tel.: (00387) 51 321 600, (00387) 51 318 213

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Mission statement

Social Educational Center is institution for adult education which through an innovative approach provides formal and non-formal training, and contributes to:

Development of a social professions, raising the level of quality of social services, reducing unemployment and improving quality of life, raising awareness on the importance of adult education and the expansion of educational provision according to the needs of society in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in partnership with government and non-government sector.

Our vision is: Society enriched with culture of lifelong learning and solidarity, with equal opportunities for improving the quality of life and social position for each individual.

Main activities

The main activities of Social Educational Center, are focused on development of educational system in BiH, in area of social proffesions, improving the care of people in need, through the training of qualified personnel, and reducing the marginalization of vulnerable groups in society (unemployed, elderly, people with disabilities, women, youth etc). Taking all this into account, Social Educational Center organizes, plans and implements formal and non-formal trainings to train individuals professionally, who will work with this groups in the future. One of the first such programs, which SEC still implements, is program for caregivers for elderly and infirm persons. This is formal program, approved by Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of RS (Republika Srpska). The program consists of a total of 500 hours of training, of which 170 of theory, 50 hours of exercises, and 280 hours of practice. In addition to formal trainings, which also includes, Support Giver for persons with intelectual disabilites and Personal Assistant for persons with motoric and sensor disabilities, Social Educational Center provides several non-formal trainings. Some of them are: Management in Social work (SOMA), Home care for elderly and infirm persons, Palliative care, Social competences in working with elderly and infirm persons, Family counseling, Rhetorical skills training etc. Social Educational Center is working daily to improve existing programs, and introduce new ones, in order to respond to the needs of society.


Manual for caregivers for elderly and infirm persons