СНЦ "Дом на науката l"

NGO "House of Science and Technology"

Associate Member

Evelina Ivanova Vaskova

Lukashov Street 14

3000 Vratsa, Bulgaria

Tel.: (00359) 92 620 320

dnt_vratsa (at) abv.bg


Mission statement

  • Adult Education and Development
  • Key competences & future competencies
  • Active citizenship and democracy

NGO "House of Science and Technology" registered in 1992 - with business case/ 1589 of Vratsa District Court as a non-profit organization. The organization is the successor of BIAD - Vratsa branch, established in 1921. By 1992 it acts as the General Assembly to FSTU.
From 1992 as a legal entity with non-profit, the organization works primarily in the socio economic field, through training - organizes and conducts training in language, computer, professional and administrative courses. Another area of activity is socially useful work on the development of civil society and democratic learning practices. As an organization of technical intelligentsia HST´s presence in public life is significant. "House of Science and Technology" - Vratsa, participates in discussion of important issues the city and the region in the Regional Committee on Employment Advisory Council on tourism and energy efficiency in public forums. Founder and member of FTSU through its international engineering organizations, Co-founder is ARIR - Vratsa and others. NGO "HST" develops the investment activities related to the expansion of its building fund.
The organization has experience in vocational training for disadvantaged people - 8 projects were realized with training for unemployed women, children from social institutions, women with low education, people with permanently reduced work, people from ethnic and other marginal groups with difficult access to the labour market. About 30 percent of the trained subjects after the project began working.
NGO "HST" is a member of "National Network for Equal Opportunities" from 3 years and monthly participates in the preparation of the newsletter to reflect the market activities and promotion of best practices. HST - Vratsa works in the field of occupational medicine for risk assessment in the workplace, provides services in the field of standardization and certification, and career guidance and student-candidate campaigns, information and consultancy services to NGOs in North - West Bulgaria

Main activities

Activities of the organization over the past 10 years in several key areas according to the statutes and objectives - such as professional business, youth, social work, public benefit activities, international programs - civil society.
NGO "HST" - Vratsa as a training organization is in the market of training over the past 15 years. The organization is licensed to NAVET authorized № 200312074/01.11.2003 and trains freely-gathered groups of citizens, and groups formed by the Bureau of Labor and within projects with international financing, military released for the reform army. Marketing of the labor market and skills are an integral part of the organization in order to - and effective in the presence of long-service training market training.

Intenational projects

  • Creation of a stable employment in a company for production of metal furniture parts through opening of new working places by education and qualification of unemployed people and by pre-qualification of already employed in the company people;
  • Project "Beautiful Bulgaria";
  • „Entrepreneurship encouragement - opportunity for a new start";
  • Establishing an Agricultural Support Centre for the Roma ethnos of the Municipality of Krivodol and etc.


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