PAR: Udruga za Promicanje i Razvoj Cjeloživotnog Obrazovanja

PAR: Association for Promotion and Development of Lifelong Education

Associate Member

Gordana Nikolic

Trg Riječke rezolucije 4

51000 Rijeka,Croatia

Tel.: (00385) 91 50 97 934

gnikolic (at)

Mission statement

To become the leading Association for promotion and development of lifelong education in Croatia that will be recognized connection between adult education and economy and will contribute to individual development and overall economic growth through its efforts, quality program in lifelong learning.

Main activities

1. To develop innovative programs of lifelong learning with a focus on monitoring trends at the global level and adapting to the needs of the labor market.
2. Encourage and empower all people (regardless of age) for active participation in the process of lifelong learning and education.
3. Encourage intersectoral and intrasectoral cooperation, flow of information and transfer of knowledge, experience and skills.
4. Promote the development of new forms of education and training of individuals.

International projects

Association is an active applicant for EU funds hence it has a large database of international partners. Association is a one of collaborators on PILC (PAR International Conference), INCASO (International Winter School on Marketing), ICT and Business Summer School SenZations and other international projects which whom contributes to the development of life long learning.


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