Učilište Cibalae - Ustanova za Obrazovanje Odraslih

University of Cibalae

Associate member

Matko Tanocki

Vatrogasna 5

Vinkovci, Croatia

Tel.: (00385) 97 792 1625

cibalae.vk (at) gmail.com


Mission statement

Učilište Cibalae's mission is to educate adults and prepare them for challenges in labor market. School Cibalae aims at the fulfillment of the right to free development of personality, training for employability (elementary school for adults, the acquisition of qualifications for the first occupation, retraining, acquiring and developing professional knowledge, skills and abilities) and training for active citizenship.

The college runs and promotes a new Resolution of the EU Council on the renewed European strategy for adult education (2011 / C 3722/01), and special attention is paid to the networking with stakeholders of the institution of adult education at local and national level, to improve the quality of adult education.

School Cibalae promotes the acquisition of key competences for lifelong learning, with special emphasis on citizens of Vinkovci and Vukovar Srijem with a low and insufficient level of education, as a basis for further personal and professional development of each individual.

All key competencies (communication in the mother tongue, communication in foreign languages, mathematical competence and basic competences in natural sciences and technology, digital competence, learning competence, social and civic competences, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, cultural awareness and research;) are considered equally important because each of them can contribute to a successful life in a knowledge society.

Main activities

Učilište Cibalae's main activity is to provide adult education classes.