Asociace Odborníků v Andragogice ČR, o. s.

Association of Czech Experts in Andragogy

Associate member

Mrs. Hana Fabíková

Náměstí 14. října 1307/2

150 00 Prague, Czech Republic

Tel.: (00420) 604 104 034

hana.fabikova (at)

Mission statement

Education, andragogy, lifelong learning.

Main activities

Associate experts in education,

  • promote their interests and needs in the field of further education,
  • support the development of further education,
  • cooperate with other organizations and institutions moving in Education,
  • promote the exchange and dissemination of information,
  • organize workshops and meetings of members.

International projects

Stimulation of request for individual education by the form of presentation its importance and necessity for the future of every citizen.