ANDRAS: Eesti Täiskasvanute Koolitajate Assotsiatsioon (ETKA)

ANDRAS: Association of Estonian Adult Educators (AEAE)

Ordinary Member

Ms. Ene Käpp (Chairman of the Board)

Narva mnt 9j

10117 Tallinn, Estonia

Tel.: (00372) 62 11 671

andras (at)

Mission statement

The mission of ANDRAS is to provide the prerequisites for lifelong learning in Estonia, to include the decision makers and all other stakeholders in designing the educational environment and to motivate learners in the learning process.

Main activities

  • participating in the development of education policy;
  • taking active part in promoting adult education and the concept of lifelong learning in Estonia building up education-friendly environment;
  • organizing campaigns and events highlighting the value of education such as the Adult Learners Week and Adult Education Forum;
  • participating in national and international projects focused upon adult learning;
  • recognizing the profession of an adult educator and attributing professional qualifications;
  • consulting member organizations and engaging them in the projects advancing the development of adult education;

ANDRAS as national coordinator in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Research is implementing the European Agenda for Adult Learning (2012-2014).

International projects

  • European InfoNet Adult Education (InfoNEt) - 2012-2015 -
  • Sowing the Learning Seeds (SLS) - 2010-2012 - Project coordinator: ANDRAS - Project partners: AONTAS (Ireland), Central Transdanubia Regional Adult Education and Folk High School Association (Hungary), Slovenian Institute for Adult Education (Slovenia), Bureau Lidwien Vos de Wael (Netherlands), Kahramanmaras Rehberlik ve Arastirma Merkezi (Trukey), Foyer Jean Thibierge (France).
  • Non-Profit Space: the Non-Profit Sector as key & transversal competencies generator (NOPROS) - 2009-2011 - Project coordinator: TAMAT (Italy) - Project partners: La Societa' dello Spettacolo (Italy), ANCE (Greece), CENJOR (Portugal), National Media Museum (England), De-Charles Resources Limited (England), Assist Social Capital (Scotland), Lietuvos profesinių sąjungų konfederacija (Lithuania), ANDRAS (Estonia), SEED (Switzerland), CEL (Netherlands).
  • Learning Ambassador - 2008-2010 - Project partners: adult education organizations from Norway, Latvia, Estonia and Finland.