KVS: Kansanvalistusseura

The Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation

Associate Member

Pirkko Ruuskanen-Parrukoski

Cygnaeuksenkatu 4

00100 Helsinki, Finland

Tel.: (00358) 20 75 11 500

info (at) kvs.fi



We build a society of learners. We publish, educate and make a difference – nation-wide and internationally.

Kansanvalistusseura, The Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation – KVS – supports learning and builds a society of learners by offering expertise and services. The foundation, established in 1874, cooperates with a wide variety of adult education stakeholders in Finland and internationally.

KVS’ activities include communication and publishing, education, media literacy and international cooperation.

KVS seeks to influence education policies to fortify (non-formal) adult education in Finnish society. This advocacy work is carried out through statements, lobbying and information activities. KVS supports the work of education professionals and adult education institutions and produces learning services.

The foundation aims at creating of good conditions for learning, self-development, prevention of social exclusion, implementation of "youth guarantee" exclusion prevention policies and active citizenship. It emphasizes the intrinsic value of learning and promotes a broad understanding of education.

Main activities

  • Publications and videos (Aikuiskasvatus - Adult Education journal; an online media for adult education practitioners; KVS Books)
  • International cooperation (Communications Unit of EAEA; Elm Mgazine; Kulkuri School of Distance Education; International projects and networks)
  • Education and training (Seminars; KVS Video Productions)

International projects

  • Kulkuri School of Distance Education has a vast and active co-operational network in which information and knowledge about online teaching, technology and education is being exchanged. The network includes partners like Tartu Finnish School, Oulu International School (OIS) and the University of Turku. Continual developing and cooperation ensures a high quality of teaching and practices.
  • Outreach Empowerment Diversity network: KVS is partner in OED -project, coordinated by EAEA. OED network brings together 17 organisations from 14 countries. Its goal is to tackle the need for outreach to marginalised groups, especially migrants and ethnic minorities. The project also aims at fostering more diversity in adult education. Third key goal is empower- ment: the project seeks to enable disadvantaged learners to become active European citizens. OED is a three-year-project, ending in December 2014.
  • European InfoNet Adult Education network:KVS is a partner in InfoNet project, a European network that provides a comprehensive, constantly growing database with reports, news and articles related to adult education. InfoNet has a network of around 40 correspondents across Europe. Since the beginning of 2012, InfoNet is produced in close cooperation with LLinE magazine published by KVS.