Association Philotechnique de Paris (APhP)

Philotechnique Paris Association (PhPA)

Associate Member

Ms. Catherine Charlet

 Rue des Fossés-Saint-Jacques 18

75005 Paris, France

Tel.: (0033) 1 43 54 54 86

c.charlet (at)

Mission statement

The Association Philotechnique was founded in 1848. Its mission is to give general trainings as well as technical, cultural and artistic non-formal trainings to adults that wish to develop their knowledge and education in all fields. The Philotechnique trainers are teachers from universities, researchers, heads of private and public organisations, retired people, or any person that is competent in a particular field that volunteer to share his/her knowledge and experience.

Main activities

More than 70 subjects are being taught at the Association Philotechnique in the framework of courses, conferences and artistic shows.
Courses are open to everyone that is more than 16 years old, in particular to adults that did not have, for any reason, the chance to benefit fully from the national education system, or adults that are in the process of changing jobs. Following courses allow adults to maintain their self-confidence, to avoid being alone or feeling useless.
Each year, 70 persons benefit from a grant that allow them to follow for free some courses from the Association Philotechnique de Paris.
The Association Philotechnique has 240 volunteer teachers that give each year around 320 courses to 5 500 students living in Paris or in the region Ile de France.