Une Education Pour Demain

Education for the Future

Associate member

Ms. Michèle Mallebay-Vacqueur

Route de la Maltournée 8, Cidex 26 bis

25720 Larnod, France

Tel.: (0033) 3 81 55 28 91

contact (at) uepd.fr


Mission statement

Our members are interested in two major fields
1. Improving teaching practices in all subjects, incorporating the subordination of teaching to learning
2. Developing a better theoretical understanding of learning.

Main activities

1. We conduct 2, 3, 4 and 5 day workshops on practical and theoretical pedagogical themes.
2. We create and sell pedagogical aids and materials.

International projects

1. Creation of software based on the pedagogical principles we use.
2. Publication of books and articles
3. Creation of pedagogical aids and materials.


A selection of our publications:

  • Transcripts of more than 20 seminars and workshops led by Caleb Gattegno, each between 120 and 500 pages. From 1984 to 2000.


  • La langue, les jeunes et la grammaire, Maurice Laurent, Vol. 1, 2004. Vol. 2, 2009.
  • Dingue de doudous, Fabienne Beylier, 2005.
  • Fiches pédagogiques pour Dingue de doudous, Fabienne Beylier, 2007
  • Comprendre l´apprentissage pour mieux enseigner, Roslyn Young & Piers Messum, Vol. 1, 2013. Translation of ‘How We Learn and How We Should be Taught´ Vol 1, 2012. Duo Flumina, London.
  • Les mathématiques et les enfants, Madeleine Goutard, first edition, 1963, second edition UEPD, 2011.
  • La pratique des nombres en couleurs, Madeleine Goutard, first edition, 1963, second edition UEPD, 2011.
  • Une entrée conquérante dans l´univers numérique, Madeleine Goutard, 2011.


  • Lecture Infuse. Caleb Gattegno. This software teaches non readers to read French. No prerequisites are required. V1, 1982. V3, 2010.
  • Dictées en couleurs. This software teaches spelling (French) for primary school children. V2, 2011
  • S´éduquer à orthographier. This software teaches spelling (French) for students at middle school level and higher.

Wall Charts

  • Wall charts for La lecture en couleurs, 26 charts in colour.
  • Wall charts for French the Silent Way (FLE), 13 charts in colour.
  • Posters for teaching French grammar, 5 charts in colour.


  • La moisson des formes. Blocks of various geometrical shapes for studying geometry from level K to Key stages 3 or 4. B. Bettinelli

Distance Learning

  • Online exercises for English. Several hundred exercises from beginning level to advanced. Glenys Hanson. Follow this link and also this link.


The association was founded in 1978:

  • to give teachers the opportunity of studying themselves as learners in classes in which the subordination of teaching to learning is practised.
  • to train treachers to use this approach,
  • to make Caleb Gattegno´s pedagogical aids available
  • to create other aids which allow teachers to subordinate their work to their students´ learning on an on-going basis,
  • to organise seminars and workshops given by Caleb Gattegno.