Union Peuple et Culture

Union People and Culture

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Rue Saint Maur 108

75011 Paris, France

Tel.: (0033) 1 49 29 42 80

union (at) peuple-et-culture.org


Mission statement

The Union People and Culture is a movement of popular education, founded in 1945 by men and women descended from the plateau of the Vercors. They wanted to "bring culture to the people and people to the culture." For 70 years People and Culture has been fighting the same struggle: cultural inequalities and the right to get knowledge throughout life. Its current priorities are to promote the citizen education by self-study, to engage them in the development of a solidarity economy and to promote democracy.

Main activities

With a wide human network from several generations, People and Culture today develops actions which promote critical education; cultural and intercultural opening; knowledge transmission; autonomy search; and taste of expression, collective action, creativity and living together. Guided by the spirit of its manifesto, People and Culture works to achieve the emancipation of all through culture. The National Union collects at present fifteen associations - including the National Network Accueil Paysan - that adhere directly and are distributed throughout the national territory. People and Culture has an important network of partners in more than 30 countries. Education, training, cultural action, project support, citizenship development and international trade found in each association of People and Culture a special form and a specific resonance.

International projects

People and Culture has a confirmed and recognized experience in the international field (permanent positions in youth structures, training in pedagogy and intercultural animation) and particularly in the context of the Erasmus Plus Programme - and previously the old European Programmes such as Youth for Europe, Youth in Action, Grundtvig, etc.

Since its origin, People and Culture has been concerned to give an international dimension to its popular education action. The international commission has two missions. On the one hand, it develops and promotes a popular education approach that goes beyond national imperatives, believing that building partnerships across borders in order to tackle the challenges of today's world. On the other hand, it proves that travelling and admission of foreign groups can be considered a privileged support of an educational action: the discovery and confrontation with another culture create the conditions for a real intercultural, mutually enriching dialogue.

Countries with which People and Culture organises intercultural meetings are located mainly in Europe (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Georgia, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Macedonia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Serbia) but also in Africa (Algeria, Burkina Faso, Mali, Morocco, Tunisia). The frequent topics during these exchanges are: culture, identity, prejudices and stereotypes, Europe itself, multi-ethnic conflicts, geopolitics, the involvement in civil society, travelling integrated to training course. However, in recent years, the focus has shifted towards the environment, ecology and notions of citizenship as well as the multiplication of meetings based on concrete joint actions, where expertise can be expressed differently than in words (for example, exchanges simulations as a part of the training framework of facilitators).


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